Ben is a professional artistic photographer who loves travelling the world (specifically Asia) shooting beautiful people & places. He has sold over 100 thousand individual image licenses and his images have been used for such things as book covers, marketing campaigns, billboards, print marketing, online use and many others.

He also hates talking about himself in the third person. And so switching to the first person now people often ask me what style of photography I prefer. Well the simplest answer to that is anything that is new, anything where I have to face challenges and overcome problems I haven’t faced before. Those are the most fun, not sure whether it’s a learning thing or a risk/reward thing, perhaps a bit of both?

However true that statement is though another truth is that you can’t always shoot something new, you can’t always work in a style you haven’t tried before. And so a more traditional answer might be that my absolute single favourite style of shooting is the nude. Specifically what I like to call “fashion nude” images. This is the term I give to nude images that have a high quality to them and somewhat of a “fashion magazine” style to them. There is, of course, a very blurry line between genres such as fashion nude, artistic nude, glamour nude etc and a lot of that difference depends on your perspective.

However I also have a strong passion for travel and do deeply enjoy documenting the places I visit.

In the end perhaps the truest answer is that what I like the most is to create beautiful images. My subjects might change, one day a beautiful woman, the next a beautiful sunset and the day after a beautiful church. But whatever the subject there’s something magical that happens every time I create an image I am proud of, it’s like I’ve brought a little bit of beauty into this world. I know it’s effort and technology, minds and will that creates the images but even now after all these years it still seems just a little bit magical.

I hope you enjoy your wander through my site, and if you have any questions what so ever about my work please do drop me a bell, either by comment on one of my pages here, link up with me on one of my social networks (preferably facebook if you want to make sure your message is read) or lastly by my contact form here. Whether you are interested in contacting one of the models I’ve worked with with some work, or want to know about locations or techniques I always try to answer questions whenever I can. To quote the words of one of my favourite photographers, Chase Jarvis: “A rising tide floats all boats”.

I hope you enjoy your trip through my world!


– Ben