Journey through the unknown realms of the underground. A primitive species, cut off, from the outside world and flourishing amongst the darkness. A document of evolutionary display, a fabulous exhibition of avant garde creatures of the dark. This is your glimpse in to this celestial plain…


Welcome to an insight, inside my mind. This project was my baby. My brainchild. I gave birth to her, I nursed her, I nourished her, and I watched her Evolve.

Something I have wanted to do for a while, was create an avant garde motion picture. I had previously contacted a few Videographers, who never seemed to quite see my vision – or they’d tell me that I was too ambitious and chuck it in the “too hard” category. And then there was Glen Bowden! Glen is an internationally published photographer, and no stranger to the industry and I was so lucky that he saw potential in my vision from the get-go and he really gave it that “cinematic edge”.

Basically, I wanted to create a short avant-garde fashion video, based around “Evolution Underground”. I wanted to almost create an entirely new species, that have evolved underground with no influence from the outside world – and I wanted to make them fabulous! They’re underground cave dwellers, with an edgy fashion twist.

I am so very lucky, that I had an INCREDIBLE team (seriously, I can not thank these guys enough), who were willing to come on board and donate their time AND their talents. Styling was done by ever so talented Tamzen Holland, Hair pieces by fellow friend and HMUA Danielle White, HMUA assistant Tyrene Waith and models Mea Culpa (Gold Queen), Lara Cresser (Crystal Girl), Heloise Ruinard (Lizard Girl) and Saskia Brunet (Flower Girl – Saskia is a very close friend of mine, and came on board, literally 6 hours before shooting! Which was midnight before the shoot, by the way!). Not to mention, the very wonderful Jade Ferguson from Flowerlovers Rocklea who generously loaned the incredible array of silk flowers for this shoot.

I cannot thank the above team enough, for seeing my vision, and coming on board with this project!! You guys seriously ROCK!!!

I have plenty more visions floating around in this mind, so hopefully this will not be the last video shoot  Watch this space, as they say!!

– Nikita Pere

Lara Cresser
Saskia Brunet
Heloise Ruinard
Mea Culpa

Creative Director: Nikita Pere
Director of Photography:
Fashion Stylist: Tamzen Holland
Hair Stylist: Danielle White
Makeup Artist: Nikita Pere
Makeup/Hair Assisstant: Tyrene Waith
2nd Camera: Simon Van Der Spoel
Flowers by Flowerlovers