showcasing Brisbane photographers

Jess Collins No Control

Hi my name is Jess Collins and I'm an emerging Australian photographer, located in Brisbane, Queensland. 
I have always been interested in the creative industry. I started out in graphic design and interactive media but soon discovered that photography was were my passions really lied. I have now been photographing for about five years, and have loved every [...]


Journey through the unknown realms of the underground. A primitive species, cut off, from the outside world and flourishing amongst the darkness. A document of evolutionary display, a fabulous exhibition of avant garde creatures of the dark. This is your glimpse in to this celestial plain...   Welcome to an insight, inside my mind. This project [...]

Ben Heys Artistic Photographer

Ben is a professional artistic photographer who loves travelling the world (specifically Asia) shooting beautiful people & places. He has sold over 100 thousand individual image licenses and his images have been used for such things as book covers, marketing campaigns, billboards, print marketing, online use and many others. He also hates talking abou[...]

Dominik Muench Fashion Film

Dr. Dominik Muench is a multiple acs award-winning cinematographer & photographer who has worked extensively throughout Europe, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and india. Accredited with a doctorate in creative arts on digital camera technology, bachelor and masters degrees in film & television from bond university, gold coast, where he also used t[...]

Martin Canning Panoramic film

Martin has had an interest in landscape photography since 2006. His initial interest was sparked after viewing amazing landscape images on some online photography forums. He purchased his first digital SLR camera in 2006 with the intention of capturing some landscape images on his honeymoon. His interest in photography grew and grew. He has ventured into por[...]