Lannie lives in a little character filled cottage with a red door that fills her unique interest and nourishes her creative soul.
Adventure and exploration are two keywords she lives by and this same spirit is encompassed in her work. Her influences are found everywhere, within the day-to-day beauty of our chaotic lives.
Lannie is a modern-day storyteller; she believes it is a privilege to leave this lasting footprint on the world.
She is passionate, driven and believes in the importance of being authentically yourself.

Throughout her career she has encompassed many roles, ranging from shooting portraits through to creative advertising and all the roles in between. Significantly, she has been recognized for her creative portraits, documentary images and iconic raw emotive portraits. In 2007 she was awarded with The AIPP Most Innovative Print (“Mark Gowlett Award”) and, at the age of 23, the 2008 Australian Illustrative Photographer of the Year. She is a Master Photographer AIPP. Lannie’s images are cherished in many homes, and her art, documentary and commercial work is regularly published in various magazines and media, including the Annual “the work” (capture magazine).

One important value she lives by is, it’s all about sharing your story and knowledge, as you never stop learning! Her favorite quote… “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Lannie - Australian Kids Play

Lannie – Australian Kids Play