Have you ever bought or sold a house? Searching online through the multitude of listings, looking for that one that catches your eye… Chrispin’s job is to create those eye catching photos that get you through the door.

While completing his degree, Chrispin had the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with an experienced sports/editorial photographer, shooting all kinds of action from swimming, to gymnastics and just about every sport imagineable. This practical experience was priceless. Throughout that time, as it often goes in this industry, a friend of a friend was working at a real estate agency and was looking for someone to photograph some properties. This is where it all began.

An opportunity arose for a full time photography position at an agency in Brisbane, which is where Chrispin worked for a little over 3 years, before branching out and starting his own business –RE Photos. A little over one year on, Chrispin now provides photography and floor plans for a large number of agencies across Brisbane, and is also venturing into the world of video.