Commercial Fashion Workshop with Russell Fleming

Date: Saturday 26th April, 2014

Guys.. I’m letting people here know that i will be doing a full commercial fashion workshop in a few weeks time… if you are interested. and understand that there is a cost for this full day workshop.. then read on.

I will be offering 12 people the opportunity to work with me.. on different lighting, photography and all aspects of preparing a professional editorial shoot.. you will get the chance to work with me and..a REAL CLIENT… … this is a workshop you have not done before…. You will learn what clients really want.. and not what you think they should have..

The cost is around $175 dollars which includes the use of a full professional studio.. (not a little bitty studio in someone’s house..) professional model, makeup artist etc.

If your genuine interested on this full day workshop then please let Russell  know .. if your not sure of my credibility or know who I am, visit: