Hi my name is Jess Collins and I’m an emerging Australian photographer, located in Brisbane, Queensland. 
I have always been interested in the creative industry. I started out in graphic design and interactive media but soon discovered that photography was were my passions really lied. I have now been photographing for about five years, and have loved every minute of it. My work consists of social Documentary, Fine Art, and some Commercial photography, Changing between the three, keeps me interested and motivated. My main focus however is always people. People are the predominant part of my work as i am fascinated and challenged by their identities and their hidden qualities. I am intrigued by how an expression or body movement can convey so my much emotion in an image, and capturing this is what motivates me to keep exploring and experimenting with my work.

The series ‘No Control’ is featured in the above images. The central theme of this series is the human figure surrounded by the forces of nature, a symbol of the uncertainty that is all around us. The naked body of the figure emphasises further the vulnerability of human beings in relation to the world we live in. In this permanent struggle and fight to survive, we realise that as much as we try and cover and protect ourselves, we are still always naked, naked and exposed to the hardships, perils and uncertainties that time brings. We have no control.

I was inspired to create this series, after living close to the effected areas of the 2011-12 Queensland floods. These floods caused so much damage and effected so many people, who were left powerless, homeless, and with no control. The whole idea of climate change and the unpredictability of nature were major aspects for when creating these works. I wanted this series to visually represent that we as human beings, don’t have as much power as we think we do. We need to start respecting the environment more. Doing our part to help ensure that we are not doing more damage to the earth.

– Jess