Lenny K Photography is created in the outlook of helping one discover their hidden artistic talents through the development of their photography and photo editing skills.

It aims to help both the beginner and enthusiast photographer alike through the sharing of free photos, supply of free software and by providing free education.

Currently followed globally by over 8000 people on Flickr and growing, Lenny K Photography wishes to pass on its positive energy to bring photographers of the greater community together.

Based in Brisbane it is run by Lenny a landscape stock photographer who has a strong interest in teaching, helping and inspiring others. As a self taught photographer with an undying passion for both Photoshop and Lightroom, Lenny has sold a wide selection of landscape images and has contributed software and photos to the likes of Adobe, University of Colorado and other digital media networks.

You can follow Lenny, say hi or download freebies at the links below: