Martin has had an interest in landscape photography since 2006. His initial interest was sparked after viewing amazing landscape images on some online photography forums. He purchased his first digital SLR camera in 2006 with the intention of capturing some landscape images on his honeymoon. His interest in photography grew and grew. He has ventured into portrait photography, wedding photography and baby photography but he has always come back to landscape photography as that is where his passion lies.

After 7 years of digital SLR use he decided he needed a new photography challenge. This came through the purchase of a Fuji G617 panoramic film camera. Not only did it teach him patience with viewing, metering and composing a scene and but it has also taught him about different film characteristics and film scanning.

I love that you can capture a moment in time with the light performing in a certain way or clouds in a certain place. The thrill of just waiting to see what brilliance will be displayed around sunrise or sunset is exciting. I believe landscape photography allows me to capture the beauty of creation and share it with everyone.

– Martin