My particular niche – producing One on One Photographic Workshops to specifically meet the needs of the individual photographer; from the experienced professional, the emerging photographer, the enthusiastic student, to the energetic enthusiast.

My Workshops are tailored for each individual client (and I dont “read from a script” in these sessions), hands on practical workshops, from anything about the Business of Photography, Studio Lighting and or Off Camera Flash, Camera Craft, Post Production techniques with PhotoShop and Lightroom, Commercial Photography, Colour Management, Portraits , Weddings, etc.

Forty years of selling my photography, I have a wide experience of the photographic market. I have practical experience of a wide range of photographic genres.

Prior to a booked workshop I will contact my clients and discuss their needs and aspirations and encourage some goal setting for the day, which can include a number of different topics per workshop. It is a free flowing event, with deviations encouraged to respond to client’s questions and needs. Personally I think what people say about my workshops after the event, says it all:

Testimonials about William’s Extraordinary One on One Photographic Workshops

William’s words from our one-on-one mentoring session ring in my head at nearly every job I do. His knack for understanding your skill level and tailoring what information you need on whatever subject you can find means you get exactly what you want from every session. Whether it be in processing, lighting, business or any topic you can think of, William’s counsel and vast range of knowledge means that this will be one of the most beneficial bit of instruction you will receive anywhere in the country. – Adam Hourigan M. Photog, AIPP

Since taking your advice on board with regards to quoting and invoicing, I have gained incredible trust and credibility with my clients by simply being open, honest and transparent. You are a wealth of knowledge with incredible experience and it was well worth paying my money and listening to you share with us. Thank you – Daniel Capobianco M. Photog, AIPP

I knew from the moment I spoke with you that I was in capable hands. From phone call discussions to emails to Facebook chats, you reassured me. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted from the mentoring… I just knew it was time to step up. In a single day you have opened my eyes and helped me realise what potential I have, and how to harness it. Your wealth of knowledge is extraordinary! My field of work is different to yours and at times I doubted myself that these new skills you were giving me weren’t something I could implement into my everyday work life… Oh how I was wrong! I had a moment of clarity on the plane ride home, and I knew that these where skills I could use every day. My first shoot after the mentoring rendered images that were exactly what I have been trying to achieve. I wonder now why I never did this before. William thank you, thank you for giving me the skills to make my ordinary work something extraordinary! I can highly recommend his services to anyone… The day I have spent with him has changed my world. – Coleen Harris

I would like to share with you all how lucky I was to spend a considerable amount of time with William Long from Longshots photography last year, in a very informative one on one mentoring program. I feel like I have grown so much in my work, not only in my creativity but also within my business. William is a brilliant teacher, who was happy to share all his secrets. I cannot recommend William enough to professional photographers wanting to take their work to the next level. – Jackie Sullivan – Sullivan Portraits William Long has been one of the most valuable Mentors that I have been fortunate to learn from during my Professional career as a Photographer. – Cindy Lee

2014 Workshops

Half Day – 4 hours One on One Workshops – topic or topics of your choice Starts from $695 – Brisbane based Full Day – 8 hours One on One Workshops – topic or topics of your choice Starts from $1150 – Brisbane based The workshops are designed and produced for you, and what you want to learn and experience. They can be about any photographically related topics:

  • Studio Lighting
  • Workflow
  • Camera Craft
  • Digital Archiving
  • Post Production
  • Commercial
  • Architectural
  • Landscape
  • Portraits
  • Portrait
  • Dealing with the Business of Photography
  • Keeping yourself in the business
  • The best way to enter Awards & Competitions – assistance with selection, assistance with post production – general advice and opinions
  • Staying sane

I can also offer Distance One on One Workshops where we can communicate via phone/skype (I call you), and then split a half day Workshop into 2 – 2 hour sessions in the same day.

2014 Month by Month Mentoring

The information that I’m putting together will not have any set plans or schedules because I adapt to each person and each person wants to know different things and different speeds. The information will include a host of feedback from those who have enjoyed and benefited from their experience with me. It will also demonstrate my credibility and ability to pass on credible and constructive assistance.

Seeing the Light
How to use studio lighting, how to model your subjects with light and how to produce consistent light for commercial and domestic photography.

  • High Key Lighting
  • Short Lighting vs Broad Lighting
  • Split Lighting
  • Butterfly Lighting
  • Rembrandt Lighting
  • How to direct your subject
  • How to pose your subject
  • Composition
  • Explaining and Unleashing PhotoShop
  • From Basic Principles to empowering you by explaining some of Photoshops more advanced techniques
  • Raw Capture Processing
  • Setting your preferences correctly
  • Non destructive picture editing
  • The power of the History Brush
  • Resolution, resizing
  • Straighten, Perspective Control
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Masks
  • Finalising the file
  • Saving for Web
  • Saving for Print

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