Bespoke studio presents the Psychology of lighting with Mark Duffus M.Photog.III

Phsycology of Lighting

Phsycology of Lighting


Mark will share his 27 years experience of photography where he has one awards for Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Documentary, Commercial and architectural work. Mark’s a graduate of Qld college of Art…. from the 80’s.

This is a day workshop, 10am-3:30pm on May 31, 2014 , that will go through the differences of studio flash and how to use it to give a variety of effects. The workshop will cover technical and creative aspects with a hands on experience of the gear available in a busy commercial studio.

Topics that will be covered will be different brands of lights, shapers, umbrellas , softboxes and the effects these have when photographing people and also things…( if there is an interest).

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