The first creative and collaborative competition of its kind in Brisbane!

The arts community within Brisbane is an ever growing space of innovation and highly creative people, yet with restrictions of time, employment and collaborative group opportunities it is difficult for any one to implement ideas that creative souls have stored in their glorious box of treasures. Shooting Raw returns with a twist, a collaborative competition designated to take place on a set date and time for small groups, made up of makeup artists, stylists, models and photographers to come together and experience what it takes to be challenged by shooting to a brief no one has read before or even who they will be shooting with. The air will be buzzing with excitement and the enthusiasm will certainly unleash idea generation at a new and challenging level.

From inception several years ago, the competition has taken a different direction by incorporating more creative input. Each group will submit one image per photographer in the group with only minimal post processing accepted. The Shooting raw panel of judges are from a variety of backgrounds such as commercial photography, fashion & conceptual photography, marketing & advertising plus makeup & modelling.

All bases are covered to ensure participants receive valuable feedback and recognition for their efforts. That’s not all, because all creatives should be recognised for their hard work and enthusiastic energy, an exhibition will be held to showcase the images and announce the winning image.

The first Shooting Raw competition for 2014 will take place on Saturday 17th May at a secret location, only to be announced close to the day. The Shooting Raw Exhibition will be held at a date and venue yet to be confirmed and will be announced once confirmed to the participants involved.

Shooting Raw is here to bring together a group of creatives from various fields and blend together everyone’s ideas, learn to collaborate in a challenging environment. It’s an opening to recognise and appreciate the roles people play in an entire project and understand different skill-sets while working toward the same end goal. The benefits from being involved in a competition such as Shooting Raw is unlike any other competition that has been held in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The possibility of further collaboration with your peers is endless.