I am a photographer, writer, and film-maker, entirely self-taught in all aspects of photography and everything else in that space from the tender age of twelve or thereabouts. Starting with 35mm and later medium format film—and then reluctantly, and finally enthusiastically, transitioning to digital; once the full-frame 20+ Mpix technology became affordable for the likes of me. I love my Nikon D610 to pieces!

My aim is and has always been to make visible what people usually overlook, or maybe just don’t ‘see’. Just ‘pretty’ or ‘nicely composed’ isn’t enough. When someone looks at my photos—or reads my novels and screenplays for that matter—I want them to get a sense that there’s more to it than meets the eye. The world is an amazing place, and not ‘seeing’ its wonders is a terrible thing. The value of a photo, just like a painting, lies in how much is stimulated one’s imagination, evoked subtle or strong emotions, or makes one wonder…

I started off as a photographer of the inanimate; things that hold still: landscapes, strange objects, clouds, water, trees, animals. Then, after many years the only people in my photos being family and friends—and maybe the occasional human oddity—I finally discovered that I really, really love photographing people, and especially women. The other stuff still sneaks in, because there’s just so much wondrous ‘world’ around us; but way I see it, you can’t beat humans.

When I photograph people I’m constantly searching for the shots that show them and everybody else just what makes them different and utterly unique. And the most amazing thing is when I get those precious shots that show my subjects something unexpected, and probably amazing, about themselves that even they hadn’t known before.

It’s in the interaction with my subjects that I find a profound satisfaction and fulfillment; working with them as a friend and someone they end up trusting completely; whether this is in an individual portrait session, in a family context, or at events like weddings.

You can contact Till below:

  • Email: owlglass.photography at gmail dot com