Hi Im Jen!

I am the photographer of tiny humans and the people around them.

Based in Toowoomba and working all over the country I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and shoot in some extraordinary settings. I like to create images that are not the usual family representation but still meaningful none the less.

Ever since I was a little girl I had a sort of eye for photography. And sure everyone says that, but I really think I did.
Of course I knew nothing about the technical side of photography but I knew what looked good.

Fast forward to the bright, naive age of 22 and I thought it was finally time to jump into the industry. Turns out, I jumped into a concrete slab. I had no idea the work that was involved in becoming a photographer and I found it very hard to get the guidance I so desperately needed. I turned my sights to America and started joining every forum I could to gain inside information on the industry. I watched hours upon hours of youtube videos. I shot every subject I got the chance and slowly I began to network with industry veterans.

I realised in 2009 that in order to get where I needed to be in industry and create longevity I needed a brand. JMD Arts was born.

By 26, I was accepted as a full member of the AIPP. I was so extremely happy with the accomplishment and had some great people pushing me to take my work to the next level. I decided to drop every service I offered within JMD Arts and focus my entire body of work and business around photographing children. I wanted to create a service that created images that were not only dramatic but captured a true essence of a child and the dynamic in the family. It was a massive gamble and it taught me the value in saying “no” to a job. I think as new creatives in the industry we think we have to take very job and get the money while its being offered. By focusing on one genre of photography I learned its ok to pass on a job that your heart is not in it. Your craft will benefit from it.

Ive spent that last 4 years growing my brand and working on creating a unique look for my brand and preparing for my next chapter with JMD Arts. Along with hoped continued growth, I really want to begin working within the entry level of the industry. I had such a had time finding the helpful advice need when I was younger and its something I love to do. Teaching is something I find very rewarding and I hope to enhance this element of my career in the coming years.